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1. March 15, 2012: Symposium

Topic: Religious Suppression and the myth of Religious Freedom in South Africa: Colonialism dressed in Democratic fallacy

Venue : Pretoria

Time : 9h00 - 16h00


2. 27-29 June 2012: International Conference on African Traditional Religion and Spirituality

Theme: African Traditional Religion in a post-colonial world: Liberation or subjugation?

Areas of focus:

1. African Traditional Religion: A Definition from within

2.Indigenous healing methods in South Africa: Role of  Ancestors

i)Sickness and healing: A Definition

ii)Ancestor revelations: Dreams, visions and other forms

iii)Indigenous healing methods.

a)Ritual performances


c) Herbalists

d)Special healing gifts

3. Commercialization, Demonization and witchcraft: ‘Muthi killings’ and fake “Traditional Doctors”

4. African Traditional Religion and the Media (Print and electronic).

5. African Youth in a changing society: Identity, Democracy and modernization

Venue: East London International Convention Centre, Eastern Cape


3. 20 September 2012: Music Competition on three prescribed XhosaTraditional songs:

a) Nongabe: Female initiation song

b) Umyeyezelo: Male initiation song

c) Mhala: Great song that is sung in major rituals

Venue : Icamagu Heritage Institute, Dutywa. Eastern Cape

Time : 9h00 - 16h00