The following are some Government Departments that the institute would love to engage if it is given the opportunity.

A. Education
There is a lack of information on African Religion and Culture in the education sector as there is little content on the available literature. Even the present prescribed information is full of flaws and is very shallow. Reasons for this problem is because of the following:

i. Most authors are writing from an uninformed knowledge, as they do not belong to the religion.
ii. Others still classify African Religion under ‘Culture’ and not as a ‘religion’
iii.There is no available ‘text’ as a point of reference as African Religion was not documented like other religions.
iv. Adherents of African Religion are still seen as potential converts to other religions.

Icamagu is engaged in a series of workshops, seminars and conferences on topics that are of national interest. Speakers are chosen from a broad spectrum ranging form practitioners, youth, and specialists on different fields and also from academia at large.
The expected goal is publication and active participation of every sector of the diverse community of the country. It is also aiming at putting the rich African heritage on the map and by making it to be part of globalization. This approach will also help the disadvantaged children to gain confidence about their identities in a changing society.